Blog Post Four

As a little girl daydreaming of silky white dresses, grand halls brimming with opulent décor and bunches of pretty peonies plucked just for a special bride to carry down the aisle, I was completely enthralled by the entire occasion that is a wedding. Sketching away in my notebook creating table scapes, ceremony lay outs and floral designs was an early creative outlet for me and the hope to one day become a wedding stylist burned long into my early adulthood.

I was so lucky to first enjoy the blessing of three sweet, inspiring and super cute children before realising my childhood dream.

After a ‘luck would have it’ welcoming into the lovely Coffs Harbour wedding industry I was hooked! This idea and notion of what it would be to become a stylist was all that and more! Now my days are spent sourcing the prettiest of things from near and far, designing events down the littlest of details and bringing the dreams of loved up couples to life!

 My forever mission… To steer away from the norm and never veer into the commonplace. To stay fresh minded in design and create weddings with individual personality and style.

Evoke a feeling… X

Novel Creative